Five Crazy Things HealNGo Beauties Put In Their Hair

Every Healngo beauty will make sure they have these five essential items for their hair care. Wearing natural hair requires natural products. It makes no sense to wear hair naturally, when there is continuous use of products that will not enhance the hair's naturalness. Natural hair needs naturally made hair products.

On that note, we will explore five products, their uses and benefits  and how we can maximize their usage on our natural hair. They are shampoo, conditioner, oil, refresher spray and hair butter.

1. African Black Soap Shampoo: product build up leads to flakiness and scalp issues. The scalp and the hair strands need to be cleansed of all build up, dirt and environmental debris (yes your hair attracts debris from the environment). Cleansing thoroughly is the key to a clean scalp and hair growth. Clarifying your hair can also help with product absorption, so it is important to get the hair clean. This product contains black soap combined with the marshmallow root which will not only cleanse the hair, but coat the strands with a moisturizing agent found in the marshmallow root.

2. Aloe Coco Leave In Conditioner: natural hair loves TLC, what better way to reward it than with a good moisturizing conditioner. Aloe Vera is the world's greatest healing plant. It will replenish the scalp with nutrients lost during cleansing and coat the strands to improve the life of them. Coconut oil is another master of moisturizing and healing. It will help the hair follicles improve by giving them nutrition and help with growth. This product also contains humectants (honey and glycerin) which draws moisture from the atmosphere. This is the second crazy thing that Healngo Naturals put in their hair.

3. Shea Rosemary Hair Moisturizer: this is a gem for all on their natural hair journey. A great moisturizer to keep edges in check, to keep strands shiny and moisturized, and to help with moisturizing for you every day look. A great product for hair braiding and locking. This is also the product you want for detangling those snags.

4.Revitalizing Scalp Treatment: helps with inflammation and other scalp ailments. Formulated with 13 carrier and essential oils, it will refresh the scalp and bring nutrients to the hair follicles. A few drop on the scalp at night before massaging will definitely heal the scalp and help with hair growth.

5. Fresh Curls Refresher Spray: looking to give life to your wash and go, your braids or even your locks? This refresher spray made of Hibiscus, Amla and Fenugreek, all of which help with moisture, shine and help strengthen the strands, is the perfect refresher for you hair in the mornings.

These five items can be used together or separately depending on your hair care needs. Please check our product page for more information on each of these hair care goodies.