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Healngo is your source for naturally, handcrafted products for women and children of all hair types and textures. Our products are formulated to help bridge the gap between wash days, keeping the hair moisturized for an extended period of time.

We have sourced only naturally derived ingredients for all our products. We provide an ingredients list on all our product descriptions and also on the product labels themselves. We do not have any parabens, phthalates, synthetic alcohols, and artificial colorants in any of our products, however our products do contain preservatives. This line of hair care products cleanses without stripping, improves detangling, moisturizes. reduces static and defines your curls.

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  • Excellent

    "Very good texture, perfect for my twisting and braiding. Locks in moisture after a deep condition. The Rosemary essential oil smells divine!"

    ~Marisa, Matawan, NJ

  • Perfect everyday moisturizer

    "Used for the first time and it's a staple for my hair routine. I did wash my hair, I used this and it's a must for your entire hair and edges."

    ~Makiala, Columbia, SC

  • Love this!

    "The perfect amount of oil and not to thick! My scalp is usually dry and flaky but this works wonders on my hair and my daughters."

    ~Sade, Villa Rica, GA

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A Word From Our Founder

My story started at 18, when I was adamant for a relaxer. My natural hair was not good enough. After getting that much needed relaxer I went through a period of extra dry scalp and had to be on medictated shampoos and skin lotions. This dry scalp had led to eczema.

Fast foward to 2012, I made the decison to go natural, starting my natural hair journey. It was the most liberating decision I had made. I started mixing Shea Butter with oils from my kitchen and used that to grow both my hair and my daughter's hair. Keeping my hair moisturized was the key to having no more eczema.

In 2017, after going though the rigs of job hunting and straightening my hair to be "accepted", I once more did a big chop to get rid of the damage that straightening caused.

Once again my homemade hair product mixtures saved the day. Not only did it help grow my hair quickly but also it stopped a problem I had lived with in my young adult life.

In 2020, I shared my first hair care product with the world and in 2021 Healngo was born, creating natural hair care products for women. My dream is that my experiences influence women to make the right hair decisions and to teach the younger generations what they have come to learn about natural hair. I want my handcrafted, hair care products to make a difference in their natural hair journey.

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We know what it means to wear your hair natural, not knowing what products will work. We built this company with you in mind!

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