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The next few moments could be the most life changing moments of your life. Spend some time with me and understand the terms, concepts and strategies used to transition from chemically treated to having a full head of naturally worn hair. It can be scary, not knowing how to go about it, or what steps to take once started, but with this complete guide, every term is broken down so you can understand what it means and how it impacts hair growth, every strategy and tactic is explained to ensure a seamless transition.

Another thing that can be a real challenge is building confidence with wearing your hair naturally. The concept of "going natural" can be exciting, even refreshing but executing is difficult. FEAR and LACK OF CONFIDENCE are the two things that can deter our willingness to make that important step. We also address this in this guide, and our goal is to not only transition you from chemically treated hair, but to transform your mindset into breaking the code of what is GOOD hair. All hair is good hair!

We are experiencing a shift in the world, where women want to spend more time with their families, less time at the hair salon and want to do their HAIR AT HOME, and wear it NATURALLY. This is the IDEAL opportunity for you to embrace the moment and make this change. Don't waste any more time on blogs, YouTube videos, joining Facebook group after Facebook group, trying to find answers to do what you have always DREAMED of doing. FEAR will no longer hold you back. The answer is right here!

In this complete guide to your transitioning to NATURAL hair, you will learn about hair types, porosity, how to start and keep a good hair regimen and all the steps needed to consistently master a great hair day every time. You will learn how to keep your "new" hair always moisturized, how to combat winter months (for those if us with that challenge) with good protective styling and build self confidence with our new look.

The time is NOW! Do not let anything or anyone stop you now. Take time for YOU, and do this for YOU!

As a teenager, I was adamant for a relaxer. I was brainwashed into thinking that straight hair was more beautiful. At 18 I went ahead and got my first relaxer. I had arrived!

Fast forward to 2012, my daughter was 4 and looked at me and said she wanted hair like mine (straight hair). I felt ashamed that this was what I was teaching her. I wanted to change that instantly. I wanted her to know that her natural hair was beautiful and it was ok to wear it naturally, beautifully and with confidence.

I had been toying with the idea of going back to naturally worn hair, but that moment did it for me. Then and there I made the decision. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew I had to do it. I no longer knew what my natural hair looked or felt like, I didn't have the tools or the know how, I was going in blindly. It was a challenge navigating these waters, but I not only survived, I thrived.

Ten years later, I have never gone back to chemically treated hair, my daughter is happy and confident with her natural hair. I have compiled all my wins and loses and all my dos and donts coupled with the science behind natural hair, into this complete guide, so you can have an easier transition than I did.  This complete guide will give you everything you need to take that rewarding leap of FAITH with CONFIDENCE!

Included in this complete guide:
  • Natural hair lingo definitions
  • Concept explanations
  • Strategies for hair growth
  • 21 Tutorials
  • 8 Demonstrations
  • Lifetime Access
  • Instructor support throughout the class
  • Community support after the class
  • Free product to participants
  • A wealth of knowledge

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