Seven Little Tidbits

Seven Little Tidbits

I have a few bits of information that I have found vital to my hair success and some were very intriguing to me. I think they would be beneficial for you as well and will help on your hair care journey.

1. Commit for at least 90 days

Many times we are quick to gain the instant hair success that we don't have the patience to wait more than 2 weeks for results, after starting a regimen. My recommendation is to wait at least 90 days; let your hair get used to the regimen and let it react accordingly. 

2. Research product ingredients

Please take the time and make the effort to research the ingredients on any product that you plan to use in your hair. The product may look and smell awesome, but not all the ingredients will prove natural or what you expected.

3. Read and follow directions on all the products

It is important to follow the directions given on the product by the person who formulated it. Do not do what you think you should do, but be specific with the steps and follow them carefully. The goal is to attain maximum hair health.

4. Note the direction of your hair growth when installing braids

Every person has a unique direction of hair growth. It is important to know what direction your hair growth is going when installing extension braids, so that there is minimal breakage and damage when taking them off.

5. Pay attention to the middle of the head

The middle of the head is the slowest part to grow, and usually the driest part of the hair and the shortest. When conditioning and moisturizing please pay close attention to that part of the head. Give extra to that part.

6. Practice a regimen that works for you

You need to get a regimen that works for you and only you. Your hair is unique and your regimen should only work for you and your unique hair pattern.

7. Trimming the hair

If you have kinky, coily hair, getting a blow out before a hair trim is very vital. It will give a better estimate of the hair length and how it should be cut. Kinky, coily hair is tightly coiled and cutting it without blow drying is like driving in the dark without headlights. Wavy, curly hair can get away without a blow out as it is less tightly coiled.

I hope these tidbits will help in making your hair processes less stressful.