My 9 year old, best decision ever!

My 9 year old, best decision ever!


In 2012, I made the best decision of my life - to wear my hair naturally. After 16 years of wearing my hair fried with the creamy crack, my 4 year old daughter was the decision influencer. She wanted hair like mine - the fried-creamy-crack hair - that's the hair she wanted.

That did it! I went natural. I made the decision that day!!

My name is Gayle Bruney, and I am the creator and founder of, an all natural, handmade, natural hair products online store. I am based in New Jersey, where I live with my husband and our twin boy-girl children. 

Healngo was created to help women find their hair. Yes! You know everyone is talking about people finding their voice, their passion? Well Healngo helps people find their hair. Creating products that are all natural, that make wash day simpler, and altogether help women with their hair routine, certainly help women find their hair again.

I know the natural hair process can be challenging. When I made the decision 9 years ago to go natural, #teamnatural was fairly new, product for our hair type was not readily available in stores as they are today and there wasn't a lot of information. I really had to dig for information. My desire was to help someone else, not have them dig for information like I had to, and to provide them with products that give results.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I am still learning new hair tips and processes, and still learning new things to do with my hair, #hairspiration. As I find new things, I will share here and also on my Instagram page @myhealngo.


Until next time,