How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp in 4 Easy Steps

One of the most serious conditions faced by people who wear their hair naturally is dry scalp. This is brought on by a variety of things, some genetically, others by the manner in which we embrace our natural hair journey. Taking care of the scalp year round is very important but more in the winter months is critical to our hair growth.

Over 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss yearly. That is a large number. If we can get rid or help alleviate scalp dryness, we will be well on our way to stopping the occurrence of hair loss 

Today I will share four easy steps that will help keep the scalp free of flakiness and dryness which eventually leads to irritations and hair loss. Practice these four steps as often as you can, and the results promise to be rewarding.



Our intake of water is detrimental to our skin and hair health. Hydrating does not mean taking in all liquids, it specifically entails taking up lots of water. It is the most pure form of hydration for skin and hair growth. The recommended amount of water that is needed to be consumed is 16 cups a day. Try to get as close to that number every day.

Hydration in relation to hair growth does not only mean internal hydration. Hair needs hydration too. The most logical thing to do is to wet the strands while in the shower, daily. So easy, so convenient. Not everyone is comfortable doing this, especially in the winter months. Don't worry I can provide some alternatives.

a. Misting

Turn on the hot water in the bathroom before getting in. Leave it on until the bathroom space gets misty. Step into that space and let the mist moisturize the hair.

b. Spray bottle

Keep a handy spray bottle with water (or a combination of water and oils) for quick use in the morning. This will rejuvenate the strands.

c. Hair refresher sprays

Natural hair product makers have you in mind and provide hair refresher sprays packed with nutrients that your hair will love. Spray the hair daily to bring back life to the strands and to hydrate the hair and scalp. 


Cleanse and Condition

Suffering from a dry scalp is no fun and getting rid of it fast is everyone's dream. Cleansing the hair frequently can be one way to help this issue go away but it must be followed by conditioning. 

Shampooing the hair usually is a recipe for dryness, but in order to combating dryness, it is necessary to shampoo the hair and scalp. It is a catch 22. It is imperative that the scalp is shampooed at least once or twice a month to clear the scalp of flakiness and dandruff. A cleansing shampoo like the African Black Soap Shampoo is recommended.

Conditioning the hair is the step that should follow shampooing, as shampooing the hair, although it gives a much needed cleansing, it can also strip the hair of it naturally made oils. Following up with a conditioner will repair the stripping done by the shampooing. Use a conditioner made with moisturizing agents that will bring nutrients back to the hair almost immediately.

Co-washing is a good alternative to shampooing on alternate weeks. It will cleanse the hair without stripping and at the same time provide nutrients to the hair. Use a good moisturizing conditioner for co-washing.


Scalp Massage

This can be the most rewarding out of the 4 steps in this article. Massages stimulate the blood flow and that blood flow carries nutrients to the hair follicles, which are responsible for hair growth and all things hair strength. Massaging the scalp is a great way to help with growth and relaxation.

How to effectively massage the scalp.

Put a few drops of oil on the scalp, we recommend the Revitalizing Scalp Treatment Oil. Using the finger pads, gently massage the scalp a few times. This should be done at night before bed. The oil will work its magic while you sleep. Cell growth and hair growth happen mostly when the body is at rest.

This can be repeated in the morning, using only the finger pads to massage the scalp, as the nails may leave cuts on the scalp. Do this as many times as needed to get the desired results.


Deep Conditioning

Earlier we spoke about conditioning but I wanted to have a separate section for deep conditioning as this is different. The conditioning we spoke about earlier is specifically following a shampoo. Its sole purpose is to replace what was lost during shampooing.

Deep conditioning on the other hand should be done in addition to shampooing + conditioning. Deep conditioning can be referred to as a five course meal for the hair and scalp. It intentionally gives the hair the needed nutrients for growth, shine and vibrancy.

Deep conditioning should be done at least twice a month for those not suffering from dryness, and more often for those that suffer from dryness. Follow the instructions on the deep conditioning package and keep note of the required time limit that the product should be kept on. Do not stay longer than the required time. This will only hurt your processes, not help it.

Making the most of these four easy steps should help anyone suffering with dryness. Scalp massages and deep conditioning are the most effective of the four and should be done as often as needed. If done correctly, results should occur after a few hair regimen cycles.