How To Be Confident With 4C Curls

The tightest pattern of curl is found in the 4C hair type. It is prone to shrinkage more than any of the other hair types, tends to clump at the ends, and the strands become stringy and very tight. The hair tends to be drier and more brittle.

To keep much of that dryness at bay, it is imperative that co-washing is practiced. The hair will be cleansed but not stripped off its natural oils. Traditional shampooing will dry up 4C hair very quickly, stripping it off all natural oils, making already dry strands even drier. Shrinkage will occur almost immediately, making it harder to attain any curl pattern.

How do we solve this issue of getting a good curl pattern?

Before trying any of the style suggestions below to achieve the curly look, please start off with freshly co-washed and deep conditioned hair. Moisture is very important to attain the desired curl pattern. Using a leave-in conditioner will help with keeping the strands hydrated - for 4C hair, too much moisture is never an issue. Styling the hair in the desired way should be easier after ensuring strands have the moisture needed.

For a wash n go, the shingling method should be used to form the curl pattern. Shingling is applying a curl cream or gel to each curl, smoothing it and making it into a bouncy curl. A wash n go will last one to two days on 4C hair, after that it will need refreshing. The wash n go makes use of your natural curl pattern unlike the other suggestions below that make use of a manipulated curl pattern.

Bantu Knot method, is a great way to curl 4C hair. This method will last a lot longer than the wash n go, about 4 to 5 days before getting frizzy.

Braid and curl method or the twist out, will guarantee a manipulated curl pattern. After co-washing and conditioning, braid or twist the hair to your desired size. The smaller the braids or twists, the tighter the curls. The tighter the curls, the longer this hair style will last.

Now that we have these curl styles suggestions that we can wear, staying on the path to confidence takes a bit more effort. Being confident wearing natural hair, takes a mindset change; it is a decision we must make.  Wake up and decide to be confident every day. That is the first step!


Once the decision has been made to be confident, learning our natural hair is the next step. Try the hair suggestions given above and see which one best suits you; your face and general style. You will not be confident with a hair style you believe, does not suit your face and style. Pick the one that works for you.

Saying we are confident being natural, means we have to wear the hair naturally. Wear the hair so it is learnt, liked and confidence is built. Practicing different comfortable styles will bring out the confidence desired.

Keep  in mind that your hair does not define you  - your hair is part of who you are, but it does not define who you are.