7 Common Myths About Natural Hair that People Believe

There are many myths about natural hair and I am here today to clear up a few. Myths were created to make us doubt the abilities of our natural hair, to make us feel inferior and to take away the thing our ancestors prized the most, natural hair. These myths have left us feeling less than, have made us feel like our hair is not good and our self confidence has been seriously lacking due to that.

In this blog, I will debunk seven of the many myths relating to our natural hair journey. I would like you to realize the need for such myths and my hope is that this will help many of you looking to start your natural hair journey, feel better about yourselves and this life changing journey you are about to embark on.

The number one thing we hear most often is that our natural hair is so hard to manage and maintain. That is a big fat lie! We have been lead to believe that straight hair is better and prettier, and this lame excuse is used to keep us away from putting the time and effort into learning our hair and embarking on a natural hair journey. Natural hair is the easiest to manage, much more manageable than chemically processed hair. Our natural hair is versatile. When natural hair is wet, it is easy to manipulate into any hairstyle.  The myth goes as far as calling natural hair unruly, matted. Again, negative connotations keep us away from who we truly are or meant to be in the world.

Transitioning from chemically processed hair to the natural hair process will be a little challenging at first. Transitioning requires that one carries two hair textures; the relaxed ends and the new growth that is our natural hair. The easiest way to get rid of the two textures is by doing the big chop. This will make the process easier and one can begin to learn their hair for what it is. That's were patience becomes gold and adventure starts.

We are told to grease the scalp. This is the second myth I want to debunk. Our scalp does not need to be greased. Greasing the scalp is detrimental to hair growth. A light oil is all you will need to add some moisture to a dry scalp. Adding heavy grease to the scalp only makes it worse. Our scalp makes its own serum naturally and does not need heavy grease added to it. The grease will sit on the scalp, dry up, causing flakiness. Most of the flakiness we encounter is due to excess product. Product build up is real. A light oil is recommended to provide nutrients to the scalp, to help with extreme dryness when that occurs.

We were also told that natural hair is not long hair, that natural hair cannot grow. Of course, all natural hair has shrinkage, that is what makes it natural hair. If the proper care is taken with the hair, there is no doubt that the hair will grow and it will be long. I have achieved longer hair now with my natural hair  than when my hair was chemically treated. There are many people I know who have grown their hair naturally and it has grown very long; I have seen it with my daughters and nieces.

Natural hair does not suit everyone. Have you heard this? I have. Nonsense. How can the hair that grows out of your head not suit you? This is your hair, designed and suited for you and only you. All heads of hair are different. It is not a one size fits all. You will have a curl pattern that is unique to you and it is suited just for you. It does not matter what curl pattern you have, embrace your hair and rock it. Take the time and learn your hair. Know what works for your unique hair type and what does not work. Do not copy what someone else with the same hair type does. Even if you have the same hair type (number) it does not mean that your heads of hair are the same. 

We have been conditioned to believe that our natural hair is no good. We have been told that natural hair is not suited for the workplace. Many are still scared to wear their natural hair in public places, and would not it wear at the workplace. For some time I identified with this myth. I flat ironed my hair for over a year, trying to fit in at my new job. This was by far the dumbest thing I ever did. I know better now.  We are protected by the CROWN ACT in 18 states. Please verify that your state has adopted the Crown Act.

We have been told that our natural hair does not grow, but if we trim it regularly, there will be a better chance of it growing. Lies and more lies! Trimming the split ends and dead hair will stop the hair from deteriorating further, but it will not automatically grow the hair. Once there are split ends, leaving the hair without trimming perpetuates the problem which can later lead to serious hair loss. It is therefore a good idea to trim split ends and dead hair but there is no magic hair growth results. Hair needs to be trimmed regularly. 

That being said, we are told that natural hair is strong, like a Sampson kind of strong. This is a myth. Natural hair is very delicate, it is very weak, especially when it is not handled properly. It can tend to get very dry if not moisturized frequently. Dry hair is a recipe for breakage. Secondly, the curls are tighter with natural hair and can snap easily if not handled properly. Every time a strand snaps, there is potential for a split end. Try your best not to snap any of the hair.

I hope by debunking these myths, you have attained a better sense of self and more confidence to lead to a successful natural hair care journey.