10 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self Care Daily

"Self Care is not selfish! You cannot serve from an empty vessel"

I love this quote by Elenor Brownn, an inspirational writer based in Sothern California. She is an advocate wellness, selfcare and longevity.

So many of us mothers are busy, caught up in childcare and taking care of the household that self care becomes an after thought, it is placed on the back burner of life. In this month of Self care - September, I hope many have practiced some simple acts of self care.

Self Care helps with physical, emotional and mental stability. It helps "fill the cup" so we can give better to others. It enables an improved mood and decreases anxiety.


A few examples of selfcare include:

  1. taking walks
  2. sitting in the sunshine
  3. sipping on tea
  4. taking deep focused breaths
  5. eating a good meal
  6. getting a good nights sleep
  7. taking a shower or bath
  8. exercising
  9. learning something new
  10. finding a hobby

If all else fails, put the timer on your phone on for 5 minutes. Take these five minutes to PAUSE. BE STILL. RELAX.

Constant practice of pausing for 5 minutes will instill the habit and before you know it, you will be able to take a whole 30 minutes of pause, for a walk, hobby or another fun activity that enhances your self care.

Happy Self Care Month!!